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Is Resort Snowboarding Losing Its Edge?

Is snowboarding at resorts in decline?

That is the question with which New York Times’ Christopher Solomon approached the snowboard resort industry this past January. According to a study from RRC Associates, snowboarders are traveling to resorts less frequently (6.1 days/year, down from 7.6 days/year at snowboarding’s peak) while skiers continue to visit mountains at a steady rate of 5.5 days per year.

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The reasons? Nate Fristoe, director of operations for RRC Associates, suggests that the boarders who started the revolution have now aged and have other concerns – namely careers and families – that don’t allow them enough time to travel to a resort to board. To combat declining attendance and sales, some snowboard industry leaders are targeting children as their next source of revenue with products that are easier to use. Their intent, however, remains to draw children (and their parents) to resorts. That may be best for the industry’s bottom line, but is it best for the consumer?

Is Backyard Snowboarding the answer?

With less free time and less money to spend boarding, these boarders need alternatives that fit into their busy schedules. Enter the PHNX Board, a cheap snowboard alternative that allows riders to snowboard wherever there is snow without additional expensive equipment. It has more control than a sled and gives children a taste of snowboarding while providing their parents the opportunity to shred on any local hill.

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Steve Geiger, inventor of the PHNX Board, believes that backyard snowboarding can change the game – “I wanted to recreate the experience I had as a child riding the Snurfer in my backyard. The Snurfer was just a piece of plywood with a rope for steering, and I wanted to share its simplicity with my kids.” The PHNX Board takes the concept of the Snurfer – simple fun wherever you have snow – and adds a binding that you can use wearing any type of winter boot. “You don’t need to travel anywhere or buy lift tickets,” Geiger says, “All you need is a PHNX Board, a hill and some snow.”

Could the PHNX Board help invigorate the snowboard industry? It certainly allows riders to board at their convenience and provides children with a safer, easier entry to snowboarding than traditional resort boards. Ultimately, it is difficult to predict snowboard success in an industry so dependent on the weather, but hopefully this upcoming season will provide more people with the opportunity to ride anywhere they want. Read Solomon’s article HERE.


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