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PHNX Boards: Cheap Snowboard Alternative

Back in 1965, Sherman Poppen invented the first snowboard for his kids, a cheap snowboard that introduced the idea of surfing on snow – Snurfing! This cheap snowboard, the Snurfer, launched the sport of snowboarding. The snowboards were laminated, shaped, and painted plywood with metal staples as foot beds and a single nylon rope to hold onto: Brilliantly simple and fun. With the Snurfer, all you needed was some snow and a hill to have a great winter.

However, the sport of snowboarding became expensive, designed for resorts, with boards ranging from $300 to many thousands of dollars. What about people who just wanted a cheap snowboard to ride in their backyard?

Rising from the ashes of the Snurfer, the original snowboard, PHNX Boards reinvents snowboarding and rediscovers the 99% of terrain beyond resorts.

A Cheap PHNX Snowboard

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PHNX Boards combines the retro simplicity and freedom of riding a cheap snowboard in your backyard with a revolutionary binding system. PHNX Boards are RETROVOLUTIONARY.

PHNX Boards are cheap snowboards designed as an alternative to expensive resort snowboards. Going to a mountain is expensive and takes time – why spend time driving to a mountain when you have fresh powder in your backyard? Why not use a cheap, lightweight snowboard while the snow is still falling?

PHNX Board Benefits – Why Ride our Cheap Snowboard?

  • Use any winter boot!
  • No special boots or expensive equipment necessary
  • Pull the cord to lock the binding over your foot
  • Stay on our snowboard over jumps and through turns
  • Release the cord at any time to release the binding
  • Binding automatically releases if you fall
  • Integrated brake stops the board from flying down the hill
  • Easy to use for children and adults alike!
  • Handmade in the USA with North American wood
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PHNX Boards cheap snowboards have a handmade wood base (made in the USA from North American wood) and a pull cord to help steer in almost all types of snowy conditions. The unique binding system is a true step-on, step-off binding – you just pull the cord to lock the binding over your boot and release the cord when you want to step off. No strapping in or out and no special boots required.

PHNX Boards are perfect cheap snowboards for winter days when you want to snowboard but don’t want to travel to a resort or go through the hassle of using a cumbersome resort snowboard in the backyard. Just grab a PHNX Board, hop on, and go!

Use the discount code SNOW2014 to get $20 off a PHNX Boards V2 in our store.

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