PHNX Boards are all-in-one snowboards for backyards, hills and woods.

PHNX Boards can be used anywhere there are hills and snow - beyond ski and snowboard resorts. No need for expensive lift tickets, boots, or bindings! The board, brake, and binding are all combined in one easy-to-use, inexpensive board.

PHNX Boards are the world's only wooden backyard snowboard designed specifically for the 99% of terrain beyond ski resorts. The binding is a step-on, step-off system that doesn't require special boots or extra equipment. The binding releases when you fall off the board or step off at the end of a run. For safety, a brake snaps down when you release the cord, stopping the board from taking off down the hill.

No Special Boots or Bindings Required!

Lose the Lift Ticket; Designed for Hills & Backyards

Great for Beginners and Experienced Riders

Hand-made in the USA

PHNX Boards are ALL-IN-ONE snowboards that are great for beginners and also offer experienced riders a lightweight board to shred the backcountry.

Cruising at the Arnold Arboretum

PHNX 3Sixty Degree Video

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How to use a PHNX Board

Cost Comparison

  Regular Snowboard PHNX Board
Board $300 - $1500 $175
Bindings $120 - $350 $0
Boots $150 - $550 Any winter boot
Lift Ticket $45 - $120 Nope!
Lines Always Never
1 Day Total $615 - $2520 $175
10 Day Total $1020 - $3600 Still just $175!
30 Day Total $1920 - $6000 Always $175

Grab a PHNX board and find a local hill today!

Featured Products

PHNX Boards V2

Now only $175!$195
The updated version of the original PHNX Board. The V2 is our first full production run, replacing the classic V1 which sold out in the 2012/2013 boarding season.

PHNX Boards V1

Sold Out
The original PHNX Board - a limited run that sold during the 2012/2013 season. Slightly shorter than the V2, but with the same Rip-Cord Binding/Brake system for convenient boarding.

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